Manchester Arndale

The challenge. Manchester Arndale sits at the heart of one of the UK’s fastest growing economies and for six years, our challenge has been the same. To ensure that Manchester Arndale remains at the centre of Manchester’s retail offering. This means building advocacy, while increasing loyalty and spend.

To do this, we needed to build a dedicated team around the client’s needs. Finding the right mix of people, with the right retail fashion insight to help grow a sector that never stands still, has been another challenge. So far, so good.

The work. Our platform for Manchester Arndale is ‘The Centre of Everything’ and it’s been the springboard for a number of successful campaigns. Whether internal communications, web creative, social media assets, television ads or even toilet signage, our aim is to create magic moments for those who engage with the brand. Chances are, if you’ve seen work for Manchester Arndale, we were the ones behind it.

The results. 83% of people who saw our latest shopping campaign ranked it in the top three of the year. And 50% ranked it number one. What did all of this mean for the Manchester Arndale? An 8% increase in visitor frequency. An 8% increase in spend. A 42% increase in dwell time. Scores twice that of the nearest competitor. Meaning, our six-year partnership with Manchester Arndale is still going strong.