One March afternoon we received a call which every Account Manager loves to get: we’re giving you a new brief. And not just any new brief. A brief to create a TV advert for VARTA batteries 2017 Christmas campaign.

It’s safe to say that a lot went into creating VARTA’s first UK Christmas TV campaign: 13 concepts, 6 focus groups, 80 casting slots, 2 shoot days and 1 very happy client. I was intrigued to understand the insights we would uncover from the focus groups, and after conducting 6 up and down the country, I am definitely a big supporter of this part of the process. If you want to understand your audience, the best way is to simply speak to them. We certainly have enough insight to power our next few campaigns!

Our TV ad will be sharing airtime with retail giants Like John Lewis and Aldi, but where they have minute long adverts to tell their story, we have thirty seconds. We also had the fun challenge of going against typical category convention when talking about batteries: where everyone else is promoting power, we’re reminding people of their favourite battery powered moments. After all, the moments we enjoy are often only as good as the batteries that power them.

This project was a pleasure to work on (and not just for the fact that it was a brand ad) because everyone was on the same page: from the client, to our brilliant creative team and production company. We wanted to create something which was beautifully crafted and convey the emotive side of a product, which is often seen as rational and practical. To see an advert in its final conception which still holds strong to the original concept is a great feeling. I won’t spoil the surprise but if you’d like to reminisce about Christmases through the decades I think you’ll enjoy #Maxandthetrain Max and the train is on air from 22nd November to 16th December.

Or watch it here.

Blog written by Laura Tipping, Account Manager