Generation Y – or the millennial population – are a vital target audience for construction brands looking to get on the radar of a customer group that could, with the right treatment, become loyal brand advocates for the duration of their working lives. More over, this is the segment that the industry needs to bring on board, to bridge the ongoing skills gap.

Reaching out to these all-important prospects takes more meaningful interaction than a goody bag exchange. Our new report ‘Long live the ‘live’ event’, explores what it takes to get experience hungry trades’ people bought into their preferred construction product brands.

Research shows that the industry’s up and coming talent wants total immersion and – whatever they want – they want it now. Growing up in a fast-paced, always-on society, driven by technological advances, has changed expectations. Everything happens in an instant. And the lines between our professional and personal lives (and consequently between B2B ad B2C marketing techniques) are getting more and more blurred.

Key findings that came from an Ipsos MRBI[1] survey on behalf of global events platform, Eventbrite, is that Millennials seek out experiences more than anything. And that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is an actual phenomenon and not just another ‘cool’ acronym. In fact, nearly three in four (73%) of respondents agreed that FOMO often drives the need to seek out new activities and experiences.

Get the new report, aimed at construction marketers, now and learn how to capitalise on the FOMO factor in delivering a new kind of customer experience…

[1] Survey commissioned on behalf of Event Brite and conducted by Ipsos MRBI between 23 October and 3 November 2014.