One of the biggest trade events on the construction marketer’s calendar is here but are you experience-ready?

We’re not talking gel insoles and lanyards at the ready – we’re talking total immersion ready.

For ‘events’ can no longer be considered a one off fixture. Events are an all encompassing opportunity for engagement wherever your customer happens to be: online, on-site, instore or on-stand.

At Ecobuild exhibitors have a captive audience. But, the question is, how captive is that audience?

A new trends-led report looking at the latest immersive technologies for delivering customer experiences that transcend the trade show’s walls is now available.

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Aimed at in-house construction marketers keen to capitalise on the growing appetite for total immersion in 2017, the report looks at:

  • The latest innovations supporting brands in creating and maintaining ‘buzz’
  • The value of ‘lessons learned’ and the importance of being forward thinking
  • Strategies for maximising extended campaign timelines (pre, during and post-show tactics)
  • Measurable outcomes from meaningful interactions – creative data capture and customer journey considerations
  • Traits of the trade – appealing to the wants and needs of a growing population of digitally savvy, experience driven individuals (that just happen to work in the trade)

From the pre-show build-up, to staying front of mind following the event close, extended campaign planning that capitalises on rich content marketing opportunities is what it takes to reach beyond the exhibition and into people’s consciousness. For today’s (and tomorrow’s) trade consumers are much more savvy than we tend to give them credit for.

Recognising this, the events team staging 2017’s installment has clearly made the Ecobuild experience a more interactive one. ‘Regeneration’ is the overall theme and to enable attendees to fully embrace this ethos, part of the event space will be transformed into an immersive city, complete with main street, distinct destinations and special attractions. Features showcasing the latest applications of virtual reality (VR) technologies are also sure to be a popular part of the line-up.

We’ll be there reporting back on experience-driven initiatives that successfully tap into the total immersion movement. So, if you would like to meet to discuss cultivating customer experience for your brand, tweet us at @refinerygroup or contact us here

In the meantime, get your free copy of Long live the ‘live’ event:  A toolkit for trade brands looking to stand, deliver and dominate in 2017 and learn:

    • The top 10 technologies that should be in every construction marketers’ consciousness
    • A seven-point plan for trade show success

Then, get ready to experience Ecobuild through new eyes…

See you there.

Click here to view the report