Colour is the new black. Designers like Kate Spade and Alexander McQueen have led the way in the fashion world, embracing bold primary colours, from blood reds to royal blues. The latest ‘Digital Wave’ style trend makes bright colours an essential statement – Electric magenta, jelly bean greens, hot pink and machine red work for both dressier and active led looks that start off the summer season.


This emphasis on colour has also influenced the creative industry at large. Photographers, filmmakers and advertisers use the power of colour to manipulate our senses and emotions on many levels, igniting interest and excitement in a campaign.


So when it came to our latest Manchester Arndale TV campaign, we wanted to pay homage to this trend, whilst showcasing the vivid hues of the city itself. Taking inspiration from Mark Whitakers photographic series ‘Manchester in Colour’, we used the phrase ‘Colour Play’ to drive the creative and to form the relationship between the on-set art direction and lighting, post-production techniques, the city, and of course the fashions. As this is Manchester Arndale’s spring/summer campaign, we used seasonal props in striking colours, such as pink grapefruits, blood oranges, blue orchids and bright red strawberries. This eclectic use of colour and props enhanced the model’s energy and the outfit collections, putting both centre stage and boldly contrasting the tone against the backdrop.

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Trends come and go, but colour surge is certainly one to remember!

Watch our MA SS17 TV spot here.