Refinery’s Nick Wyatt delivers his verdict on the retail seasonal comms strategies setting some surprising retailers apart this Christmas:


“Who’s cracked it this Christmas in adland? Argos and eBay are giving the usual contenders a run for their money. They’ve broken the formulaic cutesy mould with unconventional thinking that works hard across the channels in the simplest of ways. eBay’s colourful take highlights just how ‘beige’ retailers have become with their seasonal outputs, with bold statements put out there in a brave non-seasonal colour palette that takes the selling site out of the seasonal comms shade. eBay isn’t an obvious outlet to review alongside John Lewis, M&S and the like and it’s certainly not taken the obvious route. The ‘Fill your cart with colour’ campaign really sets them apart and it will be interesting to see how the numbers transpire in the new year.

“Similarly Argos’ ‘Ready for take-off’ futuristic slant is an insightful step away from the norm. But what’s so brilliant about this campaign is the simple way it has been translated in-store. Their lack of gimmicky POS shows how well they understand the audience. Realising that customers are seeking a quick transaction and are not in browsing mode they resist the urge to ‘oversell’ and instead rely on posters that nod to the campaign while conveying the necessary information. Using social media to personalise the above the line activity was a clever move in the lead up to the big ‘reveal’ – making sure this champion of ‘click and collect’ is front of mind in the first year the delivery method’s really gone mainstream.”