The challenge. With an ever-expanding network of stores and an influx of ambitious new starters, one of ALDI’s key challenges is to keep staff (from Store Assistants to Area Managers) better informed, engaged and motivated. That’s why the supermarket has always put an emphasis on effective internal communications – and why it needs a reliable partner to deliver timely, cost-effective and creative ways to do so.

The work. Based around the single concept of ‘A brighter future in store’, we created the internal brand for ALDI’s training and development programme, the ‘ALDI Academy’. We created a framework that delivers a wide range of internal training and communication materials. We’re now four years into our partnership and we’ve already transformed over 40 pieces of literature, tackled thousands of pages of artwork and completely re-designed the first piece of training literature in the suite to help reduce training time and keep new employees engaged. The project will continue over the new year or so.

The results. The reinvention of the supermarket’s structured training programme into the ‘ALDI Academy’ has been one of our biggest achievements: the digestible, dynamic format better reflects the energy within the business. Overall, this enterprise has been successful, and helped us to bring in further projects from across the organisation.