Dulux Decorator Centre

The challenge. As the UK’s leading professional decorator’s merchant and part of the huge ICI Paints business, McDougall Rose turned to us to help them maintain leadership in an increasingly competitive market.

The work. This was 25 years ago; the business is now known as Dulux Decorator Centre and (perhaps not surprisingly) we’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of their communications ever since. We’ve worked on their branding, designed and built their emails and implemented sales promotions. We’ve launched new products, revamped their packaging, designed and produced their point of sale displays and even been their roadies on roadshows. While we’ve been heavily involved with DDC’s ongoing CRM programme more recently, we’ve always worked incredibly closely alongside our client. This has ensured consistency of creative across numerous different channels, and as such, we’ve continuously helped to set DDC apart from their competition.

The results. We’ve not mentioned half of what we’ve done for DDC, but the results of our work can be seen in their continued success. Despite changes to the market; new names, channels and challenges, DDC have kept their position at the forefront of the decorating business for the last 25 years. We’re proud to have supported DDC through that journey, and can’t wait to see where it leads next.