Changing the perception of the job


Stagecoach Manchester was facing a high turnover of bus drivers, creating a huge cost for the team responsible for training 300 newcomers every year. The challenge? Attract the right applicants with a passion for customer service on the lookout for a career not just a job.


We broke down the misconceptions surrounding the bus drivers’ job by reversing the communication – Job benefits first. Job title last. There’s so much associated with the job title ‘bus driver’ that the target applicant is lost in two words. So we identified the job benefits that matter to our audience, created an authentic message using real bus driver stories and revealed the job title last.

The campaign was presented across their Greater Manchester buses (rear, T-sides and internal coves),  leaflets were handed out on buses to enlighten their captive audience on the benefits of the job they could see in action and sponsored ads were served to their target audience across Facebook and Instagram.


The campaign launched January 2019 and is driving increased website traffic to the bus driver application page. Watch this space for full results.