We knew that EGO’s industry-leading battery tech was great, but we didn’t know enough about the audience that wanted to buy it. So we led a multinational research project to help us do just that (a big thanks to our client for running with it).



The people we spoke to in the research groups got very excited about the amazing technology and innovative design of EGO products, and helped us understand that bashing petrol was not the way to sell battery power. We now knew that we needed to sell EGO’s brilliant battery technology first, and the petrol-matching performance of its tools second.



And like all great tech companies, we needed to challenge the category status quo and get consumers to rethink what’s “normal”. To do this, we needed to demonstrate the amazing power of EGO’s batteries and tools, instead of just talk about them. Our research audience didn’t feel the need for battery-powered garden tools; but they did desire exceptional products in an otherwise traditional and rational category. Over to us to give them just that.



We developed a new communications platform that changed the way that the entire brand behaves and communicates. ‘Power Reimagined’ has opened-up a world of communications opportunities for EGO; from audience targeting, to media planning, to creative development. A Europe-wide strategy fit for a true tech upstart.



We’ve helped to grow EGO’s total sales by over 400% since 2015, with the brand currently growing at twice the rate of the total battery-powered tool market.
We’re on-track for this year’s sales growth target, and have big plans for comms in 2019.