​Certas Energy

The challenge. Certas Energy – owners of Gulf Oil in the UK – wanted to increase their fuel sales, as well as footfall in their dealer forecourts. To do this, we needed to come up with a retail campaign that would encourage both the fuel consumer and the dealers to sign up to the promotion.

The work. We created the platform “FUEL UP & WIN”, giving Gulf customers nationwide a chance to win a unique Gulf-branded Mini Cooper. The campaign message was then promoted through various channels, such as point-of-sale, local radio and online media. A complete package of promotional Gulf merchandise was then sent out to each dealer, including leaflets, posters, bunting, balloons and petrol pump crowners.

The results. 250 dealers participated, over 10,000 people entered online, and fuel sales went up by 6.7 million litres during the campaign period. Through ‘FUEL UP & WIN’, Certas Energy not only exceeded their fuel sales targets, they were able to build relationships with their dealers by increasing footfall and average spend in their forecourts. The promotion was so successful, that we’ve now worked on several campaigns for Gulf, and we’re currently working on the next.