Siemens Gender Pay Gap report 2018: Empowering a workforce to not just mind the gap, but close it.

WE ASKED As part of a UK wide Diversity and Inclusion initiative, Siemens tasked us with creating an engaging Gender Pay Gap report, showcasing the hard work they are doing to offset the pay gap and encourage more women into the business. WE LISTENED We needed to fully understand their long-term strategy on gender equality; Siemens have invested a lot in providing support for women since its inception, but what was important to highlight this year was the results and improvement from the first year’s report and make these relevant to internal and external audiences. WE THOUGHT With large companies now obliged to publish gender pay gap results, it was crucial to show that Diversity and Inclusion and specifically in this case, gender equality, is engrained within the DNA of the business. It’s not a fad, or a tick-box exercise, but a way of behaving which is fundamental to the success of Siemens. WE CREATED Drawing from the company’s core mission, Ingenuity for Life, we created an empowering report, which seeks to demonstrate that you cannot create ingenuity for society without having that same society reflected in your workforce. With a lot of content to include, it was important for the design to guide you seamlessly through the information. Using shapes and vibrant colours in a largely graphical route, we shone a light on key people, conveyed important messages, and divided up statistics to make the piece visually engaging. As well as releasing the report to the general public, we went direct to employees using digital screens throughout UK offices that didn’t just relay the report findings, but actually communicated the benefits and how to get involved. WE LEARNED The report went live on International Women’s Day. So far engagement from external and internal audiences has been positive and the report will be the catalyst to further Diversity and Inclusion work for Siemens UK.