Simply Be

The challenge. Simply Be began as a traditional mail order brand specialising in plus-size clothing for women, and were looking to make their business both future proof and relevant to a younger target audience. For us, the job was showing how we can adapt their existing traditional, paper communication into more contemporary mailing formats ensuring that we are consistent with the over-arching campaign and building brand loyalty with a more style-focused, tech-savvy target customer.

The work. To move in line with the evolving positioning of Simply Be, we have adapted our creative and tone of voice of all direct mailings to reflect a more inspirational, fashion-focussed brand with an editorial influence, ensuring it is on the pulse of current fashion as well as encouraging confidence from the plus-size range. Taking into account different trends each season, as well as adapting the creative for the different customer profiles of the brand, all of our material is current and targeted specifically for the wants and needs of both existing and prospect customers.

The initial objective was to encourage customers to purchase via traditional mail order, however we now utilise all direct mailers to provide style inspiration, directing customers online and in-store to make a purchase.

The results. Simply Be are now well and truly on the pulse of current fashion. We’re currently working on several different seasonal pieces for Simply Be at the moment, and can’t wait to see how our work and 6 year relationship will evolve.