After the success of the 2016 VARTA campaign including sponsorship idents, OOH and proximity marketing, VARTA wanted to increase brand awareness further by creating a National TV ad campaign… at Christmas. At such a saturated time of year for advertising how do we create cut through for batteries?


Building on the insight that Varta powers more than the devices they are attached to, we set out to show how VARTA can, and has, powered Christmas moments through the decades. Following our hero, Max, from a child to becoming a parent himself, we see how VARTA has been behind some very relatable Christmas moments, for audiences both old and young. Contrary to market convention of only showcasing the practical side of batteries, this emotional route hopes to have a real point of difference in the industry, as well as shining a spotlight on VARTA’s quality brand.


The TV campaign, which ran over 4 weeks, reached over 30.5 million adults and 4.5m housewives with kids. All key metrics for spontaneous and prompted awareness of the brand are up, and Share of Voice increased to almost 50% against Energizer and Duracell in the same period.  New distributors are on-board and retailers are already showing interest in stocking VARTA batteries for 2018.